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Six Steps to Buying your First Kayak

February 16, 2022 / Bryan Wolf / Gear Guide, Watersports

A simplified look at buying a kayak and getting the most for your money. RRT is your go to resource for getting on the water.

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Gear Review: Zoleo Satellite Communicator

July 5, 2021 / Ben Shaw / Backpacking, Gear Guide, Thru-Hiking

The Zoleo is a two way satellite communication device. It pairs with your smart phone via Bluetooth and an extremely intuitive app available on iOS and Android. 

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Down vs. Synthetic Outerwear

January 7, 2021 / Will Babb / Backpacking, Gear Guide

Comparing down versus synthetic insulation in outdoor outerwear

If you ever want to waste an hour of your time, ask a gear junkie about the difference between down and synthetic, sit back, and listen to a monologue about the pros and cons of each. If that doesn’t sound like the best use of your time, spend a few minutes reading the rest of this blog for a brief overview of anything you might need to know. I’ll start off by defining a few things, dispelling a few myths, and sharing some key pieces of information.

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Trail Beans: The Best Ways to get Caffeinated in the Backcountry

December 14, 2020 / Brandon Behymer / Backpacking, Gear Guide

Forward: Brandon, in his other life was a barista at Milford’s Main Cup. Learning the ways of the bean led to his deeper understating of caffeination. Combining his experiences in the backcountry with his passion for coffee has led to his unofficial title of backcountry barista extraordinaire. While we celebrate Brandon’s knowledge of tiny brown split beans we also recognize it for what it is, an addiction. We all pray for Brandon that his strength may overcome his weakness. Here is Brandon’s blog.

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Rentals: A Gateway to Adventure

May 1, 2019 / Bryan Wolf / Backpacking, Community Involvement, Gear Guide

RRT’s new gear rental program gives opportunity to the new adventure seeker. With RRT’s professional gear guidance and rental service you can be side by side with seasoned thrill seekers and look like the pro of the group. We now rent gear from top name brands like MSR, Black Diamond, Thermarest, Osprey, Sea To Summit, and Sierra Designs.

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Gear Repair

January 30, 2019 / Brandon Behymer / Backpacking, Gear Guide, Outdoor Education

The most important part of gear repair isn’t the gear itself, it’s you. Yes, even through all the ups and downs, cursing, and joy that you and your gear share, at the end of the day the gear is selfish. You invest all this money in it, the least it could do is dry itself out and quietly make its way to a cool (50-70 degree), dry closet and hang itself up, patiently awaiting the next opportunity to carry your means of survival.

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Cold Weather Layering Basics

January 15, 2019 / Bryan Wolf / Backpacking, Gear Guide, Outdoor Education

A layer system traditionally consists of 4 layers. By layering correctly, we control our body temperature and protection from the elements. Each layer is intended to provide a unique purpose. We combine our layers and accessories to those layers, making changes as often as is necessary to assure that we are sweat free, warm and comfortable moving.

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RRT Christmas Wish-list

December 7, 2018 / Ben Shaw / Gear Guide

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to all of you adventure seekers, world travelers, friends and family of RRT, and everyone else out there.  Every Christmas these fine folks down at RRT send me their Christmas Wishlist and I can’t help but get giddy over all the gear they’re hoping to get.  I can’t get them everything on the list, but I can at least clue you in to some of the things that they want.  Who knows, it might give you an idea of what to ask me for yourself…

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Dehydrated Food Reviews

November 19, 2018 / Ben Shaw / Backpacking, Gear Guide

On a recent trip to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota I tried a slew of different dehydrated meals and brands trying to break down which I thought were best and why.  We can all agree to disagree but here are my thoughts and rankings on the following brands and meals:

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Saxx Review

October 27, 2018 / Brandon Behymer / Gear Guide

A shepherd whose sheep are not in pasture is a shepherd in need. Yes, the entire review is a ridiculous analogy about sheep. Want to read more about the world’s most comfortable and protective underwear? Check it out here!

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